Aims and Scope

IJET is an international journal seeks to publish papers that report results from original, novel research which addresses significant environmental and technology issues contributing new knowledge to science.

The editors encourage high quality papers where the pollutants related to measurement, control and source of pollutants. Papers with biological, ecological, and human health related in environment are preferred. This includes air, water, wastewater, solid waste, soil pollution evaluation and control. The application and introduction of novel technologies in the area of nanotechnology, biotechnology and nanobiotechnology for the study and measurement of pollutants are also encouraged. IJET provides a forum for the discussion of environmental problems and pollution control around the world and includes the following topics:


  • Advanced technologies and processes for CO2 capture

  • Air pollution control systems and engineering

  • Ambient air pollution control

  • Biotechnology in environmental pollution

  • Clean technologies

  • Modeling in pollution emission, transportation and pollution control

  • Nanobiotechnology in environmental pollution

  • Biotechnology in environmental pollution

  • Nanotechnology in environmental pollution

  • New technologies for solid waste management

  • Process modifications for pollution prevention

  • Soil pollution and bioremediation

  • Source controlling technologies

  • Waste treatment and disposal

  • Wastewater treatment by new technologies

  • Water pollution and treatment processes

  • Water reuse technologies